Fund History

The team of StarVest Partners believes that we have a differentiated positioning in the venture capital community and a targeted investment strategy that allows StarVest to stand out among its competitors in sourcing unique opportunities and supplying capital to outstanding businesses. Our differentiation is derived from the combination of the following characteristics:

  • Our history of success in our targeted investment sectors - technology-enabled business services.
  • Our focus geographically across all U.S. business centers.
  • Our research-driven, proactive investment process.
  • Our demonstrated ability to help drive portfolio company revenue.

StarVest differentiates itself through its expertise and deep domain knowledge of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), a key area of opportunity for StarVest. We have e invested in as many successful SaaS companies as StarVest, or started investing in as early a time frame (beginning 1999).

When we invest in geographic areas that are less well served by either national or local venture firms (such as Austin, Arizona, Chicago), we find that our industry expertise is a major attraction for potential portfolio companies. This is because we have more extensive domain knowledge than most other venture funds, and we can provide potential partnership and customer introductions through our contacts in the New York that are in their industries or target customer base. These potential portfolio companies value having a New York-based investor with extensive relationships within the advertising, financial services, media, publishing industries with a wide network of Fortune 1000 executives. We can either be complementary with or provide an alternative to a regional investor.

StarVest also distinguishes itself from its competition by making significant customer and partnership introductions -- what growing companies need most.

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