Investment Team

Experienced Investment Team of StarVest Partners:

Each member of the team has been investing in growth and expansion-stage companies for between 10 and 20 years. Each StarVest Partner brings a strong set of diverse skills and expertise, among them investment banking and financial structuring, operations, marketing, technology development and corporate governance. These skills were developed at some of the most well-known and management training-oriented firms in their industries, including Merrill Lynch & Co., Prudential Securities, Chase Manhattan Bank, Dillon Read, Gabelli Securities, Olivetti, IBM, AT&T and Bell Labs. The StarVest Partners believe that their combination of experience, expertise and shared history lowers the investment management risk for investors and increases the probability of investment success.


Deborah A. Farrington

General Partner and Co-Founder

Laura B. Sachar

General Partner and Co-Founder

Robert E. Kelly

Chief Financial Officer

Richard L. Veron

Of Counsel

Todd Breeden

Vice President

Liza Boyd

Venture Partner

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