Women in Tech

StarVest Partners actively seeks to invest in tech companies whose target customers are women. Our firm strongly advocates for more women entrepreneurs, technologists, and venture capitalists. As the largest majority women-owned venture capital firm in the U.S., we know a thing or two about glass ceilings and how to break through them. Our team formally mentors and advises women through organizations such as Astia, Springboard, Golden Seeds, YPO, PEWINs, and Pipeline Fellows, among others. Deborah Farrington led the Forbes' Midas List as the top-ranked female venture capital investor in 2008 and 2011.

According to Needham Insights:

  • Women are spending more time on the Web each month compared to their male counterparts, and they spend more money. In the U.S., women typically represent 58% of total monthly online purchases.
  • Globally, women spend more than half of their online time in connecting activities; social networking, emailing, blogging and instant messaging comprise 52% of total online time for women worldwide
  • On average, women spend 10% more time online than men each month, and are driving most of the major usage trends on the Web today, including the growth of online purchases (eCommerce), daily deals, casual games, social networks, picture sharing, etc.

StarVest hosts quarterly events to support women in tech, entrepreneurship, and finance. This section will highlight some of our recent activities:

January 19, 2012: StarVest Partners Features Nan Forte at Women Executives Breakfast

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